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19 Oct

10 Casual Plus Size Women Clothing Website

10 Casual Plus Size Women Clothing Website

Shopping for plus size clothing for women can really be rough. If you are one of those plus size women looking for the perfect outfit, you will surely experience filtering search results and narrowing down choices that suit plus size shoppers like you. Things can really be challenging and frustrating. Good thing is that, shopping for plus size women clothing is now highly possible. There are now trusted sites and plus size clothing stores that cater to needs of curvy women.

 So whether you are looking for nice plus size summer dresses, plus size maxi dresses or casual plus size women clothing, there are reliable websites and plus size women’s clothing store that offer items on extended sizes. These excellent online sources really sell out fast.

If you decide to purchase casual plus size clothing, the following 10 websites can serve your needs:

  • Fashion to Figure


This is one of the trusted casual plus size women clothing website that offers trendy pieces. The site also offers plus size cocktail dresses, stylish plus size maxi dresses and more. Plus size women can definitely find an entirely new world of plus size fashion and style on this site.


  • Torrid


Another great website ideal for plus size women who are looking for on-trend and great casual plus size clothing or dresses. Torrid is even willing to go beyond just to meet all your needs.


  • Simply Be


This site also offers chic and trendy casual plus size clothing or options that feature hipster chic aesthetic. There are printed casual plus size clothing available as well as accessories.


  • ASOS


If you wanted to maintain a cool chic image, then purchase casual plus size clothing from this plus size clothing store. There are clothes available in different extended sizes and more plus size wear that exactly suit your standard clothes’ size.


  • Ideeli


This website also has designer items and strong plus size clothing selections to choose from. If you want the best casual plus size clothing that also impress, this is the plus size clothing website that you can trust.


  • Mod Cloth


If you want casual plus size clothing that is vintage inspired, then this site is the best place to be. This has an exclusive plus size department that caters to the needs of plus size women for casual clothing and dresses.


  • Forever 21


This is one of the most favorite route of plus size dresses and casual clothing shoppers. From statement casual clothing to simple plus size maxi dresses, this site has everything in store for you.


  • Monif C.


This plus size clothing website offers more urban and edgy vibe for plus size women who wanted to turn heads as she walked into the room. You are advised to check on their collections of casual attire and dresses for plus size women.


  • eShakti


In this website, you are free to choose the style that you prefer. You just need to enter your own measurement.


  • Igigi


This plus size women clothing website mainly focuses on stylish cocktail dresses for plus size women. Their collection is both approachable and chic.

These are the websites that you can visit if you are looking for stylish casual plus size clothing. Just in case you opt for hippie gypsy bohemian style, there is no better site to check out than www.HippieBoho.com.  

12 Oct

Top 10 Problems When You Shopping Online for Plus Size Clothing and Tips How to Solve It.

Top 10 Problems When You Shopping Online for plus Size Clothing and Tips How to Solve It

Do you want to wear the best plus size dresses to hide stomach? If yes, it is possible to find the best plus size dress perfectly fits to your body size. As far as shopping online for plus-size dresses, there are some problems that you may encounter.

To give you an idea of what these problems are, here are the top 10 plus size clothing problems that you may encounter when you shop online.


1.Difficult to Find

It can be very difficult to find the right plus size clothing that perfectly fits your body size and type. You need not to stick to one shop as you need to select from many shops to have the best dress for you.


2.Difficult to Find Some Bargains

A plus size shopper doesn’t have as huge numbers of choices. That is why you may experience difficulty finding plus size dresses offered at its bargain prices. Just imagine its demand and supply.


3.Less Options of Style

It’s hard to look for trendy plus size clothes particularly in brick and mortar shops. If you are lucky enough, you may find some of the most selected and popular trends. This is considered to be nothing when compared to what regular shoppers have.



Even if the dress is perfect for plus size, there are instances that the material the clothing is made from doesn’t give you the best structural shape fitted to your body.



Apart from the fact that you’re given limited plus size dress brands, it can also be difficult to look for nice and high quality tailored plus size dresses. It’s another common plus size issue you may experience.


6.Varied Sizing

Plus size clothing also entails varied sizing. This type of clothing doesn’t have very straightforward measurements which makes it difficult for you to find a perfect fit.


7.Needs More Time

It always takes time to look for the best plus size clothing when you shop online. This means to say that you need to sacrifice other important tasks or responsibilities just to look for the best plus size clothing for you.



There are instances that plus size dresses are offered at its expensive prices compared to regular sizes of dress.


9.Offered  in Limited Shops

Plus size clothing is also offered in limited shops. This is because online shops always think that they may not earn from selling these kinds of clothing, so they choose to offer clothing for regular shoppers.


10.Takes More Patience

Another problem on how to find clothes that fit your body type is your patience. Without patience, you can never find one that suits your needs.



Tips on How to Solve It

If you want to have a fun, exciting and convenient online shopping experience for plus size clothing, consider the following tips:

  • Get a measuring tape.
  • Figure out the fabrics.
  • Read some reviews.
  • Check coupons, loyalty programs, shipping discounts and online codes.
  • Research for return policies

When you follow these tips, you are rest assured that you will never experience any problem when shopping for plus size clothing.


06 Oct

Bohemian Fashion Style Tips

Posted by Hippie Boho in Bohemian Chic Look, Bohemian fashion style

Bohemian Chic Look  

Bohemian fashion style tips and tricks and how to achieve a modern and chic boho style. 


With the right mix, you can achieve a chic bohemian style and look stunning without evoking any signs of sloppy hippie vibe. 

Check out key elements of achieving a chic bohemian fashion style.

- Don't putting on too many and too long layers it is what to avoide when it comes to boho chic style

Here are 2 important pointers for how do you layer an outfit  

1. Go easy on the color combinations, layers, length and fit of your outfit. Avoid anything that's bigger than your body frame (use a belt to a shapeless bohemian dress if you have to) or anything that extends past your feet. If you're Petite make sure to adjust to your body scale. 

2. When it comes to layering
  • Does it draw attention away from your face?
  • Does it "drag" your frame down, making you look smaller or stumpy?
  • Does it make you look heavy or heavier than normal on some areas?

If yes, take one layer off or consider wearing something less dense-looking. 

Keep it feminine and chic by mixing oversized with tailored/fitted clothes. Like say, if you're wearing a oversized sweater or tunic top, add a pair of straight or slim-fitted jeans to balance out the look. 

Bring Out Your Personality, Not Other's

Blend a boho outfit with something that's more YOU and TODAY.

You want to look trés chic, so avoid the total hippie á la street beggar look by blending boho with your own signature style. 

Take a look at these examples:

- Love bling and glam? Try Boho Luxe with gold, diamonds (cubic zirconia or Swarovski if you're broke) and a designer-inspired handbag etc.


- A bit rough around the edges? How about Boho Urban/Rock with studded accessories, black leather, chain, skulls etc.


- More laid-back? Go for Boho Sporty/Casual with a hat, white sneakers, beaded multi necklace


- Refined and simple? Try Boho Classy with tailored clothes like a blazer. Pearls and chain jewelry blend well together.


And then we have the Trendy boho, Romantic boho... and many more! You decide what you like... and make it YOURS by adding your own twist


Earthy Colors

An important key element in bohemian fashion is the colors. Typical boho colors are rich and warm in color. So focus on black, brown, cream white, khaki and olive green as your main fashion color palette. 

And build it from there with gold, silver, grays, dark red, deep purple and other vibrant colors. Remember to keep the color combinations simple with no more than 3-4 colors.

Unfortunately, not everyone suits the boho colors stated here. Some of the colors might come out too strong or weak depending on what skin tone, hair and eye color you have.

You might want to take a color analysis test to identify your best colors. Color is pure science so focus on selecting the right ones prevents you from killing your appearance. 

Or use neutrals to adjust the temperature of the colors. For example, wear gold to warm up black or gray. 

Note: Don't worry, if the boho colors aren't on your personal color palette, you can always do a few adjustments to make it work for you. Always wear your best colors near your face because that's where people will notice first. All other colors can be worn from the waist down.

You can also consider other color nuances that are similar to the mentioned colors.

And of course, if muted, pastel colors are your thing then you can incorporate those colors with the boho colors - making bohemian fashion something of your own! 

Details, Details, Details

Express yourself with affordable accessories and details! Bohemian fashion doesn't have to be expensive. Instantly transform a pair of jeans and a white tunic shirt into a boho outfit with a brown leather hobo bag, ethnic embroidered scarf, gold and layered necklace, multiple bangle bracelets, gladiator sandal shoes and so on. 

Do wear pieces that create a statement and that people will notice or even comment. Try a hat or cap, beaded sandals, headband á la hippie style, big and colorful jewelry etc. 

Layer It!

Follow a casual bohemian style look by layering a basic top with an oversized cardigan and a big paisley shawl on top of it. Again, layer it all with jewelry and a chic bag.

If you're brave enough (the right personality) you can layer it even more with a belt wrapped around your waist or/and a print blouse on top of the basic tee. 

You're not running for a contest on how many clothing you can pile in one outfit! Balance your look by mixing wardrobe essentials with trends, plain with patterns, fitted/tailored with baggy/oversized etc. 

Breathe Life Into the Past

The bohemian fashion you see today is very much inspired by the 60s and 70s. So find inspiration in wide leg pants, kaftans and floral dresses. 

If you love vintage then bring your grandma's floral shirt back to life! Go for laces, floral, distressed looking leather bags etc. Find unique vintage pieces at thrift stores or in your mother's closet. 

Go Ethnic

Bohemian fashion style is influenced by every corners of the world, so adding a little bit of exotic flair is a must. It adds texture and richness to your look which are a must for a boho-chic look. 

Make your outfit more exciting with African prints, Indian bangle bracelets, shawl from Peru, large and chunky gold jewelry and so on. For more inspiration, do a quick research on different ethnic prints and patterns such as Ikat. 

Follow the Big Bohemian Fashion Queens

To keep your boho look modern and up-to-date pick out a few celebs who's style you like and wish to adapt into your own. Go to their fansites and observe their latest outfits. 

Remember to avoid being a total copy-cat. You're not trying to look like the next Kate Moss! Besides, not everything we see on celebrities and models will look good on us. So make sure that you assess what looks good with your personal style

Mary Kate Olsen 

One of the most extensive MKA Olsen photo galleries on the net. 

MKA's fashion thread at The Fashion Spot forums 

Sienna Miller 

The most comprehensive and largest Ms. Miller gallery on the web 
You'll have to register to view the pictures. 

Sienna Miller fashion thread at The Fashion Spot forums 
It's a very long thread so click on the last page to get the newest pictures. 

Nicole Richie 

Nicole Richie fashion blog 
Keeps you updated on Nicole Richie's style. 

Nicole Richie fashion thread at The Fashion Spot forums 
A very loooong thread. Click on the last page to get the freshest Nicole Richie pictures 

Nicolerichie.org fansite 
A fun and comprehensive photo gallery of Nicole Richie 

Mischa Barton 

Mischa style 
Website dedicated to Mischa Barton fashion style 

Mischa Barton fashion thread at The Fashion Spot 
Beware, it's a lengthy thread! 

Kate Moss 

Kate Moss online gallery 
A pretty huge gallery stuffed with Kate Moss candids and pictures! 

Kate Moss fashion thread at The Fashion Spot forums 

Vanessa Hudgens 

Vanessa Style 
Website dedicated to Vanessa Hudgens fashion style. 

Vanessa Hudgens fashion thread at The Fashion Spot forums 

I hope you've found my bohemian fashion style tips useful! All of the points I've stated above are key factors to achieving a chic boho look. 

One of the important things you'll have to remember when it comes to fashion is to always personalize a look to make it more YOU. So adjust boho fashion into your own liking and flair!


Thank you http://www.thechicfashionista.com/bohemian-fashion-style-tips.html#No-no


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05 Oct

They are on the way..Shipping by International Priority | FedEx.com

They are on the way..Shipping by International Priority | FedEx.com


Shipping from HippieBoho.com | Misses & Extended Plus Size Gypsy Hippie Boho Clothing

Shipping from HippieBoho.com | Misses & Extended Plus Size Gypsy Hippie Boho Clothing

http://www.HippieBoho.com | Size XS-5X Handmade and made to order for Misses & Extended Plus Size Curvy Women's Clothing, Pagan greek, Wiccan, Gypsy, Bohemian, Hippie Boho Style

All item can be made in XS,S,M,L,1X,2X,3X,4X,5X U.S. Size 0,2,4,6,8,10,12,14,14W ,16W ,18W ,20W ,22,24W,26WE,28WE,32

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23 Mar

Tips for Buying a Plus-Size Dress

In today’s day and age there are many designers who make beautiful and well-fitting dresses for the plus-size consumer.

There is no one size that has been set in stone as the definitive starting point for plus-sizes in the fashion world, and it will vary depending on the store and the designer. Some stores consider a size 18 as the threshold for plus-size clothing, while other styles will go down to as far as a size 12.

More stylish options are available partly due to the emergence of plus-size celebrities such as Queen Latifah and plus-size models like Natalie Laughlin. These well known women have increased the awareness of beauty at any size, and the fashion world has taken note.

The quality and styles of plus-size clothing has reached a much higher level. There are many different dress styles to choose from in the plus-size division, and before shopping women should understand their particular body types in order to determine what styles will flatter them best.

Understanding Different Plus-Size Body Types and How to Dress Them

When picking out a plus-size dress, it is important to remember that every woman has a different body type. There truly is no one size that fits all. That said, the fashion industry typically classifies plus-size shapes under five categories of shapes including pear, apple, hourglass, rectangular, and petite.

Pear Body Type

To be considered pear shaped, a woman must be more bottom heavy than top heavy in nature. The neck is commonly slim, and the shoulders and back are also narrow in size. Moving down the body, women with a pear shape typically have a medium sized bust and waist, with most of the weight held in the thighs, calves, and rear end. This is also known as a triangle shape, when one is wider at the bottom and thins out towards the top.

How to Dress a Pear Shaped Body

When buying dresses for a pear shaped body, it is best to find garments that accentuate the upper body and take attention away from the lower part of the body. A dress that puts emphasis on the neckline is a good option for pear shaped women, as this will keep the attention away from the bottom portion and draw eyes to the slimmer shoulders and neck area. One option for a flattering neckline would be the halter style, where the straps wrap around the neck for comfort, support, and style. Strapless and spaghetti strap designs can also be an appealing style for pear shaped women, as this will put more attention on the shoulders and make the body appear more balanced in size.

Moving down the body away from the neckline and shoulders, a woman should next focus on the waistline. An empire fit is most flattering, where the waistline sits higher up on the dress and often hits just beneath the bust. Empire style and A-line dresses are commonly more form fitting on the top portion of the body, and looser and more free flowing below the waistline. This fit is very flattering on pear shaped women, as emphasis will be put on the shoulders, bust, and waistline and taken off of the thighs and backside. Another way to draw attention to the upper part of the body is to buy a well-designed dress that is embellished at the top but more plain and simple in design on the bottom. This again will draw the eye upwards and away from the bottom half of the body.

Apple Body Type

Apple shaped figures are commonly round all over, and the waist is often wider than both the hips and shoulders. The face, neck, and breasts are commonly full in size, with broad shoulders and a round and undefined waistline. This is also known as the inverted triangle shape, because the hips and legs tend to be narrower than the top portion of the body.

How to Dress an Apple Shaped Body

Since most of the weight is held in the stomach and upper body in an apple shape, it is important to emphasize the hips and legs when buying a dress. Opt for fabrics that are more loose fitting on the stomach, such as silk and cotton. Simple and small patterns should also be worn as opposed to large flashy designs. Small patterns will give the illusion of length instead of width. Focusing on darker colored dresses will also allow an apple shaped woman to appear smaller than her true size may be. Another way to create a smaller illusion would be to wear dresses that have folds in the material over the stomach area. Avoid any styles that have pleats, pockets, or gather near the waist area.

Hourglass Body Type

An hourglass body type is the most commonly desired shape by plus-size women, as this shape speaks to femininity and is the most proportioned of all the different body shapes. Women with an hourglass figure have a medium to large size bust and hips that are closely symmetrical in nature, while the waist is often about ten inches smaller than the other two curvier body parts.

How to Dress an Hourglass Shaped Body

With such a proportional shape, it can be easier to dress hourglass shaped figures. Form fitting dresses that put the focus on a narrow waist will be very flattering, which can include wrap dresses, tie waist, and belted styles. Try to choose V-neck and U-neck shaped necklines, which will elongate the body and again emphasize the waistline. Dresses are a great look for hourglass shaped figures, as a one-piece style places the focus on all the right places of the body. The length of the dress should be just above the knee or longer, which will accentuate the waist area as well.

Rectangular Body Type

Having a rectangular body type means there are a limited number of curves to a woman’s shape, or sometimes even none at all. The figure appears to go straight up and down, with a full neck and back and average bust size being the most common. The waist is undefined, and the legs and arms are usually thin.

How to Dress a Rectangle Shaped Body

When buying dresses for a rectangular shaped body, it is best to seek out styles that create curves on a seemingly curveless figure. A-line dresses can be very flattering, as they flare out at the bottom and give off the illusion of curves and shape to the lower body. Dresses should also be just above or at the knees and no longer, which will show off a woman’s shapely legs as well.

Petite Body Type

Besides focusing on the actual body shape, it is also important to consider a woman’s height. Petite women are commonly considered to be less than five feet four inches tall, and need to pay special attention to the dresses they choose.

How to Dress a Petite Body Type

When a woman is a plus size and on the shorter side, it is important to avoid dresses that will appear to be too large or swallowing on the body. Try to find a dress that contains draping, which will easily skim across the body and show some movement as opposed to being too tight or clingy. Petite and plus-size women should avoid wearing horizontal stripes, which give off the illusion of being larger in size than a woman actually is. It is also recommended to stick to plain designs and small prints, which will enhance a petite plus-size woman’s body. Oversized and flashy patterns can appear overwhelming, which can result in an unflattering look for this particular body type. If a shorter woman is looking for more of a statement in an outfit, a plain dress can easily be dressed up with accessories such as a large pair of earrings or a necklace.

How to Find Plus-Size Dresses on eBay

Once you understand what body type you are and what styles would flatter your particular figure, it is time to start shopping. No matter what size or shape you are, eBay offers thousands of styles of dresses for plus-size women, catering to all different tastes and preferences.

You can start your hunt for the perfect plus-size dress by performing a keyword search. To do this, go to the eBay home page and type your preferred keywords in the search box at the top of the page. If you are looking for a broad range of dresses to sort through, simply type "plus - size dresses" into the search box. eBay will populate all available plus-size dresses regardless of style or size, giving you the chance to see all available products on the site. If you know exactly what size and style you want, you can be more specific in your search process. For example, if you are looking for a Lane Bryant size 22 black dress, type this into the search box and press search. Only these available items will appear in the search results for you, making the entire process easier and more efficient.

If you do not want to search for plus-size dresses through the keyword method, you can also browse eBay’s categories to find what you want. From the eBay home page, navigate to the Fashion category, and then select the plus-size category in Women’s Clothing.


When it comes to plus-size fashions, there are many more options available on the market today to choose from than there were in previous years. In order to find the best plus-size dress, it is very important for a woman to understand exactly what her body type is and what style of dress would be the most flattering. With so many different dress styles made for both average-size and plus-size women, no one should have a problem finding the perfect dress for any occasion.


Thank you : http://www.ebay.com.au/gds/Tips-for-Buying-a-Plus-Size-Dress-/10000000177630051/g.html


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