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Hippie Boho Gypsy Renaissance Peasant Pagan Celtic Witch

24 Dec


Wholesale price:

If you need to order different designs with mixed colors and size.

  • We will happily give you 10%-20% discount if you order at least 12 pieces per order.
  • We also give up to 50% discount for an order of 30 pieces and more. However, with this big account, we kindly ask you to order the same design and size.

For example

I give you 50% discount for this order. 

- No.001, Size L,  5 pieces each in black, white, red, green and blue.
Total is 30 pieces.

(Same style, Same size, at least 5 items for each color)


I give you 20% discount for this order. 

- No.001, Size L, 1 pieces each in black
- No.041, Size 2X, 2 pieces each in black
- No.101, Size 5X, 5 pieces each in maroon
- No.327, Size 3X, 2 pieces each in black
- No.235, Size 4X, 1 pieces each in White
- No.035, Size XS, 1 pieces each in White
- No.039, Size 4X, 1 pieces each in White
Total is 13 pieces. (Mixed style, color and size, at least 12 items per order)

http://www.HippieBoho.com | Size XS-5X Handmade and made to order Gauze clothing, Pagan greek, Wiccan, Gypsy, Bohemian, Hippie Boho Style

All item can be made in XS,S,M,L,1X,2X,3X,4X,5X U.S. Size 0,2,4,6,8,10,12,14,14W ,16W ,18W ,20W ,22,24W,26WE,28WE,32

(Small, Medium, Large and Plus Size)
More than 30 colors available.