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Hippie Boho Gypsy Renaissance Peasant Pagan Celtic Witch

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- Delivery time : 2-5 days after shipped 

- Turn around time  : 10-20 days.

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- Ship : From Thailand. 

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- Return Policy : We accept all return.
Just give me the reason and photo to show me the problem.

Money back if it not delivered within 3 weeks.


Each one of use has specific details and needs :


More than 30 Colors available
More than 30 Colors available

We have over 30 colors of dress for you to choose from.

This type of work is hard to find as it’s not worth time and effort especially when we make a variety of sizes from XS,S,M,L,1X,2X,3X,4X to 5X.

However, we aim to meet the specific needs of our customers. We strongly believe that each one of use has specific details and needs.

Size :

(Your body size measurement)

Size XS : Bust 31-33, Waist 22-24, Hip 31-33

Size S : Bust 34-36, Waist 25-27, Hip 34-37

Size M : Bust 37-38, Waist 28-29, Hip 38-39

Size L : Bust 39-41, Waist 30-32, Hip 40-41

Size 1X : Bust 42-44, Waist 33-37, Hip 42-47

Size 2X : Bust 45-48, Waist 38-42, Hip 48-52

Size 3X : Bust 49-52, Waist 43-46, Hip 53-58

Size 4X : Bust 53-56, Waist 47-52, Hip 59-62

Size 5X : Bust 57-60, Waist 53-58, Hip 63-66

Size 6X : Bust 61-65, Waist 59-64, Hip 67-72

Size 7X : Bust 66-70, Waist 65-70, Hip 73-78

Why us?

Flexible : Elastic & Smocked is helpful

Handmade : 100% handmade

Comfortable : Light weight gauze cotton

Various Size : XS,S,M,L,1X,2X,3X,4X,5X,6X and 7X

Various Color Choice : More than 30 colors option

Unique fabric : This fabric is not regular cotton in the market.

Great lining : Lining is the same quality like the outside dress.

The happiness from buying goods online is to receive what is expected and looks like the one on the featured photo.

Reading the feedback from our lovely customers makes us realize how satisfied you are and our products meet your expectation and make you happy when receive them.

There are the real feedbacks from our customers.


This dress is awesome and

This dress is awesome and so soft and comfortable!!

Elizabeth K.

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Absolutely perfect, I love the dress and the fabric too. It's very well done and it fit perfectly despite my very curvy body type. I bought the "natural" one, so I can play with colours and dye it, but honestly the natural colour is so lovely I think I'll wait :D P.s. this dress is perfect with big, statement jewellery and sandals. 10/10 would buy again!



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Love it

Love the dress. It fits wonderfully and has such a beauty to it.,

Tina B.


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I bought four different dresses from this store, and one of them is going to be my wedding dress. The fabric is very good quality and the dresses all fit perfectly. They're actually more beautiful than in the picture! I'm so in love with them! They arrived pretty quick despite I live in Ireland, and the customer service was careful and lovely. I definitely will buy other dresses from this store soon!

Emanuela B.


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Dress is gorgeous and very

Dress is gorgeous and very comfortable!

Janice M.


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Love it ♥️

Customer service is awesome 👏🏻 ♥️

Jill H.


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Was looking for a dress

Was looking for a dress for my cousins wedding...it had to be cotton because she wanted to tie dye it. Got here in about 10 days. Size is good I'm normally a 24 ordered a size up to be on the safe side...it fits pretty good, probably could have ordered my normal size and would have been fine. Dress is super comfy and cute as well!!

Heather B.


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Love them!

Love them!

Janice M.


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Love it

Beautiful dress. Perfect color and received it faster than I expected. Can't wait to wear this at my wedding and see my grooms face! Thank you I highly recommend !!

Laura S.


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Other Collection

Bell Sleeve Lace Long Sleeve
New Arrival  Pagan & Renaissance Peasant
Pixie Pom Pom Sleeveless
Maxi Sundresses Top
White Wedding  Caftan
Flowy & Swing Empire waist Wholesale

We make the dress only for you:

Our dress is hand-made.

We draw pattern, choose the color and make every piece one by one.
We only get started once we get your order.

Therefore, our products are freshly made especially for you, in the size and color you choose.

We don’t have products in stock.

Handmade clothing

Over 20 years experience 

We have been in this industry of clothing design and tailoring for over 20 years. Therefore we are proficient.

We always pay close attention to every detail no matter how small it is.

We aim to make comfortable-to-wear clothes for our customers so we take good care of the tailoring details of sleeves, shoulder and chest parts.

This is our secret behind every piece we make.

This is why our clothes are unique and it sets us apart from the others.

We invite you to try on and you will see the difference yourself.

Comfortable to wear

We focus on making hippie, Bohemian and Gypsy style clothes which are comfortable to wear and unique. Our products are suitable for those who love travelling or a housewife who likes to wear comfortable clothes at home.

Main material :

White Gauze Cotton Fabric

We use gauze cotton which is light, sparse and comfortable and naturally dyed.

We have over 200 designs and 30 colors of tailored clothes.

The provided sizes are various from XS,S,M,L,1X,2X,3X,4X up to 5X.
Our clothes are made from feather light and comfortable to wear cottons.

The fabric is naturally hand-dyed. We use lining with the same fabric as the clothing in every piece.


Why we use Gauze Cotton :

The feedback we always get from our customers is the comfort of the dress. This is the reason we choose gauze cotton as our main fabric for making dresses of our shop.


Highly flexible:

Our dresses are designed to be highly flexible to wear. We do not use zipper, hook or anything that might specifically limit the size.

We aim to eliminate any issue arising when our customers receive our products such as too tight or loose.

So we decided to use elastic band and smock technique to fit the body closely.


The rate of errors is very low.

using elastic band and smock technique so our customers can wear them comfortably.
Using elastic band and smock technique so our customers can wear them comfortably.

using elastic band and smock technique so our customers can wear them comfortably.
Using elastic band and smock technique so our customers can wear them comfortably.

Our clothes are made in Thailand which is located in another side of the world.

Therefore, it takes time for shipping.

With this in mind, we focus on making our clothes to be flexible in size by using elastic band and smock technique so our customers can wear them comfortably.

The rate of errors is very low.


Everyone can wear

We were there before when our customers received our clothes and they didn’t fit them.

However, this issue is getting less as we always try to improve our service.

We are on the online world for over 5 years.

Nowadays, over 99% of our customers are satisfied with the products and give us good feedback.


Problem for plus size and curvy women:

One of the biggest problems any plus size or curvy women is
the big upper arms, chest area and thighs.

Wearing the peasant sleeve dress with elastic band attaches will help hide this issue.
It’s also not too loose or tight.


No.007 Peasant Sleeve Tunic Dress


No.101 Black Gauze Cotton Peasant Dress for Plus Size



 Empire Waist Collection

The empire waist dress helps pull the fabric together and fit the chest and waist parts.

 Flowy Swing Collection

The A-shape skirt of swing dress also helps hide the belly.

No.454 Brick Gauze Cotton Swing Dress for Plus Size Shape

Tiered Collection

Tiered dress is a type of dress made in layers with an A-shape skirt.

It’s suitable for plus size women.

The gauze cotton is a perfect fabric to make a tiered dress as
it’s not heavy even we have to use at least 3-5 meters of fabric per dress.


 Wedding Collection

Our white maxi dresses are suitable to use as a wedding dress on the beach. We have many customers

who ordered our dresses for their wedding on the beach. The white dress contrasts with the clear sky and the blue sea makes a stunning picture.

Imagine wearing this beautiful dress and walk with your man on the beach…it will be so romantic :D

Custom length for Petite & Tall:

You can write us and let us know if you need your dress to be longer or shorter than our design.

Beautiful featured photo,  The real dress is beautiful too:

Besides the size, our customers also receive the dress they are expecting.
We shoot our featured photos from the real dress without adding any excessive filters.


See though ?? : 

White Gauze Hippie Bohemian Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

We always have people asking whether or not the gauze cotton we use is thin and transparent. Yes, it’s thin but we use lining from the chest to knee area to cover up.

Same quality of lining:  

We use the same kind of fabric and same quality of lining as the clothing.

This requires a large quantity of fabric for each dress.

We usually need 3-6 meters for making one dress.

Sometimes we might need up to 5-7 meters of fabric to make long sleeve dress or long skirt and tiered dress with many layers.


Fabric care:

Tightly twist the dress and tie it in order to maintain its shape. Do not wash with warm or hot water. Hang the washed dress in shade so the color won’t fade to fast.


Our fabric can be tie-dyed.

Our fabric is naturally dyed by hand. It’s not synthetic. If you wear it regularly or hang in the sunrise, the color might start to fade. You can transform your favorite dress with tie-dyeing technique.


How to dye it.

We have colors for you to choose.

You only have to boil the water then add the color and one handful of salt. Then put the clothes you want dye in the pot and boil it for about 30 minutes. Stir well for color uniformity.

Then rinse the clothes thoroughly and soak in a product preventing discoloration for 15 minutes and rinse with clean water. After that, hang it in shady area.


How to tie-dyed ?

If you want to make tie-dyeing for fun,

you can try to tie your cloth with rubber bands in parts prior to the dyeing process.

You must rinse your tie-dyeing clothes thoroughly before cutting the rubber bands. Then wash it and soak in a product preventing discoloration.


No.15 Olive and White Tie Dye Maxi Dress
for Plus Size Gypsy Bohemian Style

How to order: 

Only 3 simple steps and you are good to go.

1. Choose the item you like

2. Pick your size

3. Select the color you want


Payment option:

You can choose to pay directly with Paypal or deduct the funds from your credit/debit card via Paypal.

Then fill in your personal details such as name-last name and shipping address.

We will calculate the shipping cost after these details are filled.



We accept refund

 If you need to return the item you receive, there’s no problem at all.

The only thing you need to do is to send us your details explaining the issue and reason why you are not satisfied.

You can also attach a photo of the item and return to us within 3 days. 
We will fully refund you (product price + shipping cost).


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